Find a Life Group…

Okay, so are you looking for how to make friends at Mt. Carmel?  Are you looking for a small group where you can learn more about the Bible and what it has to say to you?

It is sometimes too easy to get lost in a crowd at a worship gathering, but know that you are important to us.  You matter to God…and you matter to us!

Life is messy… to say the least.  We all need help navigating the twists and turns that life throws at us.  What better way than with a small group of people who are all seeking wisdom from God, the Author and Giver of Life?

What are Life Groups?

Life change happens in small groups.  Life groups are all about Bible study, but are much more because they include discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, ministry and worship.  We not only believe that lives can be transformed and changed through a Life Group, but that families are strengthened.  In these Life Groups, we have an opportunity to learn about each other, and we are able to pray and minister to one another through loving, caring and unconditional support.

Life Groups meet at 9:30 AM between worship services on Sunday morning.  Some Life Groups have characteristics that appeal to a specific age group or circumstances in life, but all Life Groups welcome people of any age.  Life Groups are continuously building unity and promoting fellowship among members and participants.  We encourage children, students and adults to be involved in a Life Group.

We learn, we grow, we laugh, we cry… together.  That’s what Life Groups are all about… living a more abundant life… together!  God knew that we would need each other for encouragement and accountability.  Together we can accomplish more than we can apart.