Jeff Prince

Minister to Students

Jeff Prince

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Now in his eleventh year at Mt. Carmel, Jeff Prince shows the love of Christ through actions. On weeknights, you will often find him attending a concert or sporting event to support one of the students. He's also given people a hand with painting projects.

Jeff is known for his frequent multiple choice questions to gauge student's opinions and music/movie knowledge. Most days he connects with students on Instagram and provides daily devotions on how to draw closer to God. 

Jeff's gold phone case is a clue that his alma mater is Wake Forest University where he graduated in Sociology. He started his career in the banking industry, then considered being a school teacher and coach before following God's call to work with students in 1994. His twin brother Brian is also in ministry.

His favorite sport as a kid was baseball, and his team made it to the Little League World Series. Now his favorite sport to watch is hockey, and he cheers for the Carolina Hurricanes. Favorite food? Pizza.

Jeff Prince is a simple, sincere disciple of Christ who demonstrates how to love God and care for people. He also leads the coffee ministry and the group of greeters at Mt. Carmel.