Bible for Battles

Bible for the Battle

by Julie S.

MC Midweek 5/24/23


Combat soldiers are 7% more likely to be Bible-centered, according to Christianity Today’s How Seven Soldiers Carried One Bible into 11 Combat Tours. This Memorial Day is a chance to see the power of God’s Word through a soldier’s eyes and never take life for granted. While we may not be on the physical battlefield, Ephesians 6:12 addresses the armor of God and reminds us that we are fighting the spiritual forces of evil. Be sure that God’s Word, the sword of the Spirit, is always by your side.

Macinnis notes in his article about the seven soldiers that “the men were not all religious in the same way. They weren’t all devout. But they were all strengthened, comforted, and encouraged by that Bible.”

Guideposts compiled 8 Bible Verses for Soldiers which echo these concepts.

Realize that reading God’s Word will strengthen you through the trials and battles of life.