Faith Disciplines


MC Midweek Dec. 28, 2022

by Mitch Casson, Children's and Outreach Minister

I hope you have enjoyed Christmas with your families! As we head into a new year, I hope you are excited and looking forward to what’s to come!
So many of us will begin this New Year making resolutions and wanting change. Some of the resolutions may produce real change for us if we choose to stick with it! Unfortunately, that’s always the tough part. We start off with the right intentions but very quickly reality can set in, and we are right back to our old ways. We forget about the change we were hoping for. 
I have never been too much into New Year’s resolutions, but this is a really great time to ask ourselves if there are changes we need to make in our personal walks with the Lord. It may be a good time to ask yourself where you are personally in your relationship with Him.

  •  How can you glorify Him more in this upcoming year?
  •  Have you reached your full potential in Him?
  •  Are you devoting enough time to Him?

If we are being honest, for most of us that answer would be a resounding “NO!”.
Personally, I want to have a deeper more meaningful relationship with Him this time next year.
This year, I urge you to examine your daily faith disciplines. These disciplines can produce lasting change and upward growth more than anything else we do. We all know the importance of God's word, worship, prayer, fellowship and serving. These are all important avenues that move us closer to God and strengthen our relationship with Him.
Like so many New Year’s resolutions, the hardest part is actually doing it. Just choose to start somewhere and don’t get overwhelmed as you begin to make changes. As you pray, don’t feel overwhelmed with the vastness of prayer and the many needs of our world and country. Start with your own personal prayer life. Your entire spiritual walk flows from your own prayer life. Begin by committing a small portion of your day to prayer and as it grows it will undoubtedly change your life.
Start by spending regular time in God’s word. Read, study, and meditate on scripture and the Word of God will fill your soul. Find a Bible reading plan that works for you and carve out time in your day to spend time with Him.
If you're looking for more fellowship, get involved in a Bible study or small group that fits your schedule and your needs. Find a place where you can plug in and spend time with Him and others! Surround yourself with other likeminded individuals that will help build you up and you can learn and grow alongside them. 
You can make subtle changes in your life this year that will make a lasting impact on your future. Begin slowly, identify areas in your life that you can control and don’t overdo it. Place your focus upon Him and find the time.
I encourage you to pause and examine your walk with God. You have the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else does. So, make that New Year’s resolution and stick to it!