by Pat N.

MC Midweek

Did you know that nothing is more unique than anything else? “Unique” is one of those English words that just “is”…it can’t be modified. Anything that is unlike any other thing is…unique. 

“Satisfied” is another such word. One can be satisfied or unsatisfied…but not more, or less, satisfied. Satisfied is an absolute, just like the word “unique.” How does this apply to us today? So glad you asked!

B.B. McKinney wrote several hymns that churches still sing today. “Breathe on Me,” “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go,” and “The Nail Scarred Hand” are but a few. Easy to sing, words get deposited into our spirit and we receive a blessing even as we worship Jesus.

One such hymn that still makes me pause and think is “Satisfied with Jesus.” So poignant…easy to sing, “I am satisfied with Jesus, He has done so much for me.” But then the chorus can stop me dead in my tracks…

          “But the question comes to me, as I think of Calvary.

          Is my master satisfied with me?”

When Jesus went to the cross, He “satisfied” the sin debt we owe God. His death releases us from paying that debt that would take eternity to “satisfy.” I know Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me over and over that it’s true. He fills my every longing, He satisfies my soul…but the question comes to me, is my Savior satisfied with me?

I long to hear the Lord say to His Church, as He did Jesus in Matthew 3:17—that we are His beloved children, with whom he is well pleased. 

May He be satisfied.