Time and Talent

Time and Talent

by Carolyn A.

MC Midweek 8/9/23

On that same day Jesus went out and sat by the sea. Great multitudes were gathered to Him, so that He got into the boat and sat, and the whole multitude sat on the shore. Matthew 13:1

We've all had one of those days...too many people around, too busy, the phone at work wouldn’t stop ringing, the baby was crying, the kids were fighting with one another, everyone wanted your attention...and right now!

Jesus had days like that too, and he had gone off to the seashore to get away for a little peace and quiet. Everyone needs some time to themselves, and the seashore is a perfect place to sit in the sun, relax, watch and listen to the waves, find peace to restore your heart, your mind, your soul. Jesus was no different.

There were people all around him, wanting to listen to the stories he told, asking questions...even his disciples were asking him questions, and finally he got into a boat and headed out away from the crowd. But then he turned around and looked at the people there on the shore, and he began to talk to them. Telling them stories, teaching them through parables, because he knew that was the only way they would understand. He was tired, but he knew that he needed to reach all these people, He knew he wouldn't have much time left to share with them, so he gave up his time at the shore to show them the way.

How often in our own daily lives do we take the time to reach out to someone who needs a helping hand, a moment of our time. How often do we use our own busyness to avoid sharing a bit of our day with our children, our spouse, a neighbor. We are so busy driving the kids to soccer practice, dance lessons, a movie, the mall...and we often miss out on using even that travel time to talk to them and teach them the important things.

What are we training our children to become? Are we allowing them to choose for themselves or guiding them in the biblical principles? Are we being good examples every day with simple things like checking on a neighbor, writing a note on a sympathy card, tithing, or finding the right place to volunteer?

It may be time to turn your boat around and choose to take the time to build into someone’s life today. We are Jesus’ hands and feet, and our children are watching our choices every day. Find a place to serve Him with your time and your talents to make a difference.