Vacation from God

A Vacation from God?

by Carolyn Apel

Summer is here! It brings baseball, soccer, golf, and tennis. Swimming pools open and bikes are cleaned off and tires are filled. All the adventures of long, sunny days without classrooms and homework await. The week speeds past and Sunday morning rolls around. Is this the time of year when you start taking a vacation from God?

Growing up in the '40's and '50's, Sundays were always the best day of the week! After church, we picnicked with other families at Sharon Woods. The men often played baseball after lunch while the kids played kickball, flew kites up on the hill, or waded in the creek. The women sat and talked with one another or went for a walk.

Three Sundays a year, we weren't at our local church. We spent summer vacation in Michigan fishing with grandpa. But on Sunday morning, we either visited a local church or had a family Bible study at the cabin. What would happen if God took a vacation from us? Where would we be for even one day without His guidance and loving protection?

Summer is time to keep God first in our Sunday morning schedule. If we forget Him on Sunday morning, we can also forget Him more easily every other day of the week. We need to be aware of not only the loss to ourselves, but also the loss of our witness to others that results when we put other things before our Lord and Master.